Star Warriors



Star Warriors

Star Warriors: A Penetrating Look Into the Lives of the Young Scientists Behind Our Space Age Weaponry (1985)


Who inspired President Reagan to dream of rendering nuclear arms “impotent and obsolete” – creating a vast program on which the United States has so far spent roughly $200 billion? Meet the O Group. Its brainy eccentrics love peanut butter, devour sci fi, and pull all nighters in pursuit of death rays.



“Intimate, even gripping. It reads like a good novel.”

The Los Angeles Times

“A remarkable portrait…blessed by clarity, simplicity, fairness and sheer intelligence.”

The Boston Globe

“A vivid and highly personalized account.”

Financial Times

“A remarkable, riveting book.”

Technology Review

Paul Newman liked the book and took Broad out to lunch. Before long, Newman posed with the hardcover to make a poster for the American Library Association, the set echoing his role in The Color of Money.