The Oracle



The Oracle

The Oracle: Ancient Delphi and The Science Behind Its Lost Secrets (2006)


The story of how modern sleuths worked painstakingly over the decades to understand the Oracle of Delphi – an icon of the ancient world who influenced kings and politicians with her prophecies yet managed to keep her practices shrouded in mystery. The team of four scientists uncovered her inhalation of intoxicating vapors.



“Part detective tale and part science report… Broad’s lively prose and fast-paced storytelling conduct us on a breathless adventure of religious mystery and scientific discovery – and ends with a surprising consideration of the meaning of the oracle’s powers.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fascinating account in its own right, the story also allows Broad to weave in the modern debate between science and religion.”

Scientific American

“Enlightening and compelling…‘decrypts’ a fascinating story.”

The Dallas Morning News