The Universe Below



The Universe Below

The Universe Below: Discovering the Secrets of the Deep Sea (1997)


An insider’s guide to how cold-war spinoffs are opening the abyss – the earth’s last frontier and its largest ecosystem, a place of icy temperatures and perpetual darkness that nonetheless teems with bizarre life. It reveals how the deep explorations are advancing our understanding of the ocean and helping protect its hidden legions.



“A fascinating, beautifully written account of a truly unfamiliar world.”

The Washington Post

“A readable and reliable guide to the last great wilderness on earth.”

The New York Times

“Intensively researched and crisply told, this is an illuminating, stimulating portrait of one of the earth’s last frontiers.”

Publishers Weekly

“Asks provocative questions about environmental stewardship and the possible demise of a part of the world we are just beginning to understand.”